Sydney. Melbourne.

Two cities, separated by 900-odd kilometres. Sydney began as a penal colony, turned into Australia’s first city, and over the course of two centuries, developed into a financial, retail, tourist and media hub. One of the few truly global cities in the world, it is instantly recognisable, and an icon of Australia.


Among others.


Melbourne started life as a lesser penal colony, then, buoyed by the 1850s Gold Rush, became the largest and wealthiest city in Australia, even serving as the nation’s capital for 26 years. Nowadays, it is known for for its sports, culture, gardens, industry, and for consistently ranking as one of the most “livable” cities in the world.


Where “livability” clearly equates to a confusing mess of geometry and clashing styles.


My story? Having lived in Melbourne for 30 years, I moved with my girlfriend to Sydney for her work. Having previously studied Business, worked as a production manager and a sales rep, I am now changing my life and studying Massage Therapy. Last year, I completed the basic Cert IV, and this year, I’m aiming to finish my Diploma of Remedial Massage. Job-wise, all Australian taxpayers are currently my employers. The hours are great, but the pay sucks.


Next stop: the pub


After moving to Sydney in April this year, I noticed that the two cities are probably 95% alike, but there were a few things that were a little off. Like I’d suddenly moved into the Matrix and was waiting for someone to offer me a blue pill.

With this blog, I hope to highlight these little nuances. I hope to hold a mirror up to society, provide a tongue-in-cheek insight, and re-use tired clichés. Realistically, I just want to juxtapose the two biggest cities in this country, whilst critiquing Australian culture.


Google Images. Fail.


To do this, I propose weekly competitions in many areas. I will analyse and review. I will deconstruct and report. I will guess and make stuff up. This blog is for anyone with an interest in Australian lifestyle. If you’ve been to, or are coming to Australia. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or the other ones. If you’ve ever wondered “Which city is better?”, this is the blog for you.

Next up: Roads and Traffic


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